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PROmigration Consultants

PROmigration Consultants is an Australian immigration consultancy that represents, advises and acts for applicants from all over the world that wish to migrate to Australia, either temporarily or permanently. In 2008, PROmigration Consultants was incorporated by Silvia P Levame & Associates.

We are based in Sydney in the State of New South Wales. We are registered migration agents with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority and members of the Migration Institute of Australia. Because we have experienced the process of immigration ourselves, we are perfectly in tune with the needs and expectations of prospective applicants. We understand their anxiety, their fears. 

Furthermore, we are used to dealing with clients from many ethnic groups and therefore our consultants possess a great deal of multicultural and multilingual sensitivity. 

This particular skill is a great tool to enhance communication between consultant and client.

We do not offer 'interactive' forms that will give a generic reply to many potential applicants. We offer personalized, dedicated professional service tailor-made to suit your personal, unique circumstances

We offer professional advice and assistance at every step of the way. We will assess and explain your options and which visa is best for your requirements and personal circumstances at any given time.

Our consultants will always act in your best interests to maximize your chances of success. Our areas of expertise include

  1. All partner visas
  2. Parents, children, remaining relative and other family visas
  3. Student visas 
  4. Skilled Migration
  5. Employer nomination 
  6. Refugee and humanitarian visas 
  7. Reviews and appeals 
  8. Ministerial intervention
  9. Health waivers

The Department of Immigration

makes frequent changes 

to the requirements of individual visas

and the legislation


Not knowing the system may cause confusion. If you want us to represent you, you will avoid potential problems because we have knowledge of the law, professional integrity and good reputation. In addition, we have cultural sensitivity, we do understand your needs and expectations.

© 2012 - Silvia P Levame & Associates and PROmigration Consultants are Registered Australian Migration Agents (MARN 9791360) and MMIA 506.