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About Silvia P Levame...

•  A Migration Consultant since 1997

•  writes and has written, since 1997, over 600 articles about immigration matters for ‘El Español en Australia’, the leading national weekly newspaper published in Spanish in Australia and other national publications

•  is the author and presenter of seminar papers and training sessions on migration law

• has successfully represented individuals and companies in migration matters at primary and review levels

• is an associate member of the Law Society of New South Wales

• is registered as a foreign lawyer by the Law Society of New South Wales

• has 40 years experience as a Foreign Lawyer

Silvia P Levame was born in Argentina where she graduated as a Bachelor of Laws. She also completed a Masters of Arts (Latin American Studies) at the University of New South Wales. 

Silvia migrated to Australia  37 years ago and thoroughly understands the expectations, the anxiety and the stress involved in the process of moving to another country, learning a new language and adapting to new customs and laws. She has a thorough and personal knowledge of the emotional and financial demands of 'starting again'.

Her many years of successful settlement in Australia place her in a unique position whereby she is able to understand her clients' needs and expectations and advise them accordingly.


Registered as a Migration Agent since 1997, Silvia has advised and represented many clients from different countries all over the world as well as within Australia. 

In April 2005, Silvia started PROmigration Consultants. PROmigration Consultants was incorporated by Silvia P Levame & Associates in 2008.


Silvia's approach to each client is personal, friendly and completely confidential and her particular areas of expertise are partners and all family visas, skilled migration, student applications, refugee and humanitarias visas and reviews and ministerial intervention. One facet of her daily work are health waivers which are becoming more and more frequent in some areas of immigration as time goes by.


As a registered foreign lawyer with a current practicing certificate from Argentina, she also advises clients in Australia and overseas about different areas of Spanish (Roman/French) law. With 40 years experience in South American Law, Silvia is engaged as an expert witness/advisor in Latin American legislation by Australian private and government agencies. This specialization is of particular interest to the large Spanish speaking community of Australia , where Silvia is well known as a journalist for 'El Nuevo Español', the leading Spanish speaking newspaper of Australia .

As a journalist, Silvia has produced and presented over 400 radio programs for different community stations and has also been associated with the Spanish press in Australia since 1975.

She has been a Freelance Arts Reviewer since 1979 and currently writes regular weekly articles about immigration, property law, financial matters and also about the arts.

A person with many and various interests, Silvia held the position of Member of the Board of Governors of the Law Foundation of New South Wales, was appointed as a Censor for the Australian Censorship Board (Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification) and worked as the Training and Information Officer for the EEO Unit at the University of New South Wales.



In 1991, Silvia was the first Argentinian and Latin American woman to be appointed by the Federal Attorney General as a Civil Marriage Celebrant. As such, she has performed a large number of ceremonies, either in English or bilingual.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian and with an extensive network of agents in Latin America and Spain, her skills are sought by a wide range of clients from diverse language groups within Australia and overseas. At present, she divides her busy schedule between her practice, her regular contributions to the written press and also, to training.

A good strategist, Silvia thrives on challenges. Passionate about the law and her job, she has a remarkable record of success and an ever growing clientele from different ethnic and language groups within and outside Australia.

Languages : English, Spanish and Italian


Specialization : Australian Immigration Law (Australia) and Civil and Commercial Law in Spanish speaking countries

Agents Overseas : Yes





© 2012 - Silvia P Levame & Associates and PROmigration Consultants are Registered Australian Migration Agents (MARN 9791360) and MMIA 506.